Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up for an AgentBuzz account, you choose your own local number and the number of simultaneous listings you’d like.  Each listing has a unique response code that prospective buyers will send to your local number to get your prepared response for that listing.

When the lead texts for information, they get an instant response, and you get their contact information.

Listing codes can be reused as your properties sell and leads are tracked with each version.

Yes!  Subscribers to the 5-listing plan can add any number of additional listings.  Each listing code can be reused for new listings as your properties sell. If you aren’t already on the 5-listing plan, it’s easy to upgrade in your Account Settings page.

Yes, the listing details for your response code and sign can be updated at any time and reused for a new listing.  Once your property sells, you can update this info in your account online and use it for the new listing.  Prospective buyers are tracked by the listing information that was current when they contacted you so you can distinguish who was interested in which property.

You can have as many listings as you’d like.  Subscribers to the 5-listing plan can add new listings as needed.  If you aren’t on a 5-listing plan yet, it’s easy to upgrade at any time.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time for the remainder of your current subscription and pay or be credited a pro rated amount based on the remaining months of the current subscription. You can cancel the renewal at any time and your subscription will remain active until the renewal date but you won’t be recharged then. Once you cancel, your local number may no longer be available to you.

Yes!  Signs are associated with the response codes for your local number.  You can order any number of signs for each code at any time.  Each sign can have its own design as well.

Sign production and shipping can take up to 3-4 weeks from your initial order.  Your local number and listing code are active and available immediately so you can also print your own signs or use the code and number in print advertising as well.

Yes!  Your local number and listing codes are yours to use wherever you’d like as long as your subscription is active.  You can use this infomation to generate leads in your other marketing materials, whether in print or online.

Yes!  You can use your selected local number and listing codes to print your own signs if you have a preferred vendor, or use the number and code in print.  We can also provide the sign graphic for you to download and use if you don’t want to print through our vendor.

Yes!  Each listing code comes with a convenient unique QR code.  You can use this code in print.  When a prospective buyer scans the code, they are prompted to text your number for info without having to type in your number or code.  You’ll get the lead information just like you would if they texted you directly from your listing code.

We are working on adding this feature and hope to have it available soon!

No, your selected local number is unique to your and your subscription.  You don’t share this number with any other accounts.

Yes!  In the listing detail, you can add multiple contacts to be alerted when a new lead comes in.  The alerts can be via email or text.

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